A Convention, how it works ?

The goal of a convention is to spend an amazing moment with your favorite stars. You can meet them, share magical moments in pleasant, festive and exciting vibes… A bunch of surprises awaits you.

A convention runs in several parts:

  • If you want to go to a convention, you MUST have a pass, this is mandatory to access to the event. (See Conventions / Pass)
  • Regardless the pass that you have, you can purchase Extras tickets. (See Conventions / Extras)
  • Photoshoots sessions: You can have a picture with the Guest of your choice, and get your paper photo a few hours after.
  • Autographs sessions: You can have a dedication of the Guest of your choice. (Autographs support offered)
  • Meet & Greet: You can spend a special moment with a few people with your favorite Guest during 30 minutes in a private lounge.
  • Q&A sessions: you can ask questions to the Guests in the conference room. This session is during 1 hour.
  • Saturday Night Party: A Cocktail Party with some of the Guests is organized. You can go only if you have a pass.
  • A Vendors’ room with different goodies and non-profit organization booths will be in the convention area.
  • All the photoshoots and autographs whether it is included in the passes or on sale are in limited quantities. Every Guest has a quota per pass and for sale. That’s why it’s written “According to availability”.
  • We will ask you by email your choices of photoshoots and autographs includes in the passes when all the Guests will be announced. These choices are by purchase order so sooner you get your pass, more chances you will have to get all the Guests available.

Magical moments with the Guests and the fans, you won’t forget this week-end!!!


(F.A.Q. : Click on the question to see the answer )

Which pass should I buy ? And what should I check before buying my pass ?

Having a pass is mandatory to access the convention. The cheapest pass enables you to attend the two days of the convention. Several types of passes are available, each one having their own advantages. For more details, please read the description of each pass.

How can I pay for my pass and my extras ?

You can pay by debit card directly at our ticketing. After your purchase, you will receive an e-ticket that you have to download and print. You will have to take this printed ticket with you at the convention with a copy of your ID to pick up your pass.
Payments by check or wire transfers are accepted for orders above 150€. Send us an email with your order, first and last name, date of birth and email address. You will then receive instructions for the payment.

Can I pay for my pass in installments ?

The most expensive and the intermediate passes can be paid in 2 to 3 installments (depending on the type of pass and convention). The payment deadlines must be observed to avoid cancellation of the previous payment(s) without refund. (see conditions for each convention on the ticketing platform)

What is an extra ?

A photoshoot is an individual photo op with the Guest of your choice, done by a professional photographer during a planned photo op session at the convention. When purchasing a photoshoot, you will be provided with a voucher. Any person without a voucher will be denied access to the photo op room. Personal pictures and videos are prohibited in the photo op room. One single photoshoot requires one voucher, if several people want to be in the same photo, each one of them needs to buy a voucher. For the duo, trio and group photoshoot, we accept up to 2 people per voucher. Only one print will be done. All our photos are printed on quality photo paper, in a 15 cm x 20 cm size.

An autograph is an item the Guest of your choice signs in front of you. When purchasing an autograph, you will be provided with a voucher. Any person without a voucher will be denied access to the autograph room. One sole poster with all the Guests is included in the pass. The items you are allowed to have signed are the official headshots of the Guests approved by the agents and the actors. Any other item can be refused. Gifts can be given during the autograph sessions.

The meeting room is a meet and greet with the Guest of your choice in a very small group (30 people maximum) during 30 minutes in a private room. Pictures and autographs are prohibited during the meet and greet. Members of our staff will translate the meeting from English into French and vice versa.

The cocktail party is a special moment that you will share with the Guests. There will be a dinner buffet (starters, main course, dessert, soft drinks) from 8pm to 9 pm. Starting 9pm and during one hour, the Guests will go to every table to spend some time with all of you. Tickets are limited; some conventions don’t have a cocktail party.

I didn’t buy a pass but I bought extras. Can I still come to the convention ?

The pass is mandatory to be able to access the convention. You can either buy a pass, or your order will be canceled and reimbursed, minus 10€ administrative costs.

What is an extra Guest ?

An extra Guest is a Guest whose extras are not included in any pass, expect for the VIP pass. Only a limited quantity of his or her extras will be available per person.

When can I buy extras ?

The extras are available on our ticketing at each announcement of a new Guest.

Can I buy extras for other people ?

Yes, when buying an extra for another person on the ticketing, you simply have to fill in the first and last name and email address of the other person.

Can I sell my pass and extras to someone else ?

No, a resale is prohibited without our prior approval; the passes and extras are nominative.

I am underage, can I attend the convention ?

If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you must fill in the parental consent form available on our ticketing. Without it, you won’t be able to get your pass.
For minors that are under 16 years old, the presence of an adult is mandatory and this person must have a pass as well to be able to attend the convention. The pass can be a different one than your but in this case, you won’t be seated next to each other in the panel room.

Which documents do I need to print to pick up my pass and what other documents should I take with me ?

Simply print the e-tickets you’ve received by e-mail from our ticketing service for the pass as well as the extras. Furthermore, please take with you all your proofs of purchase, as well as an ID (identity card, passport or driver’s license).
Upon presentation of the before mentioned documents, we will give you an envelope with your name where you will find your pass and vouchers for the extras.

Can I pick up the pass for a friend ?

Non, the attendee must be physically present to pick up his or her envelope with the pass and the extras.

My favorite Guest cancelled, can I get a refund ?

Passes and extras are not refundable, unless we cancel the event. Although the guests have signed a contract with us, their appearance may be subject to last minute changes or cancellation for professional obligations. The cancellation of a Guest does not give you the right to a refund on the pass and his or her extras. If a Guest cancels, his or her extras will automatically be replaced by extras with the new Guest. If the Guest is not replaced, you will have a credit of the amount of your purchase to use at the convention.

I am disabled or in a wheelchair, can I attend the convention ?

Yes, and we pay special attention to disabled people or people with health issues. If you are in a wheelchair, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange a space for you. A member of our staff will be dedicated to you and assist you when you’re attending the various activities of the convention.

Can I give a gift to the Guest ? If so, when ?

Yes, but only during the autograph session. Please avoid voluminous or heavy gifts, we remind you that the Guests are travelling by plane.

Am I allowed to take my camera with me ?

Yes, SLR cameras with a maximum zoom of 300mm are allowed.

Where and when can I take pictures ?

You can take pictures during the panels, with flash during the first 3 minutes and without flash afterwards. Pictures are strictly prohibited in the autograph, photo op and meet and greet rooms. Furthermore, it is prohibited to take selfies with the actors while they are within the premises of the convention, at the risk of immediate exclusion from the convention.

Am I allowed to take videos ?

Yes, during the opening and closing ceremony. Filming during the panels is prohibited, at the risk of immediate exclusion from the convention.

Can we be more than one person in the photoshoot ? How many vouchers will be needed ?

For the duo, trio and group photo ops, we accept up to 2 people per voucher. Only one print will be done. If you want to be 2 in a single photoshoot, you will need 2 vouchers.

When will I get my photos ?

The photos are printed directly after the shooting. There is an area dedicated for the photo pick up. The pictures will be available one hour after the shooting. You won’t be able to pick up pictures from someone else, a check will be made when you leave the area. If you have to leave and weren’t able to pick up your photo, it will be sent to you by email, we won’t mail it to you.

I want to sit next to my friend, is this possible ?

We remind you that the seats are numbered and the number of your seat will depend on the purchase date of your pass. Therefore, the easiest way will be for you to buy your passes together. If you have the same pass type but didn’t buy it together, please send us an email with the name of the attendees. We will then arrange for you to sit together, based on the purchase date of the person that bought his or her pass last.

What is a panel ? Can I ask my question if I want to ?

simply have to queue at the microphone on the side of the stage. Please be aware that questions about the personal life of the Guests are not allowed.

I don’t speak English, will I be lost ?

Our master of ceremonies speaks 6 languages, including sign language. The panels and the announcements are translated into French and English.

How is the schedule done ?

The schedule is done so that you can fully enjoy your weekend. It will be the same on Saturday and on Sunday. Photoshoots and meeting rooms are planned during the panels. Therefore, if you do your photoshoot on Saturday, you will be able to attend the panel on Sunday and vice versa… You will receive the schedule when you pick up your pass. The planning is made for 2 days, if you can only attend on one day, we will do our best for you to be able to carry out all your extras but we are not liable if you fail to do them all due to the fact that you were not present during both days.

Will I have a seat in the panel room ?

Yes, the seats are numbered. Your seat number will be written on the back of your pass and it will be your seat for the whole weekend.

What are digital photos ? And how can I get them ?

You can receive your photos in digital format (high definition), you will simply have to fill in the form that will be provided at the convention. They will be sent to you within one month after the convention.

When will I be able to buy the DVD of the convention ?

The DVD will be available for pre sale a couple of weeks after the convention. The shipping deadline is 3 months after the convention.

When will the next Guest be announced ?

To be able to announce a Guest, we need a signed contract. Negotiations can be more or less lengthy so we can’t give you a specific answer… The key word for conventions: PATIENCE